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Download the latest Neurotech Invention from The General Ai Co. at :- www.sanra.coContact us for work opportunities at :- [email protected]Part of Mukherjee Holdings Ltd., insured by QDos, and a trusted supplier for SpaceX, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, and more. We provide our services for free to charities.With advanced machine learning and AI capabilities, we deliver cutting-edge solutions for medical, defense, and commercial applications. Our proprietary technology and expertise helps bring your most complex projects to life.Previous and current customers include uMotif, DSM, Wilmington Plc., and Fidelis Capital.Don't let faulty data ruin your ML project. Our synthetic data generator creates the quality data you need for AI success.Services:Synthetic data generation
AI for drug discovery
Predictive maintenance
Programming for AI, ML, Python, C#
Cloud database management
Waste management and CRM solutions
Digital twin and AI for supply chain optimization
Self-driving technology
Control systems
NeuroMarketing and NeuroTech consulting
VC fund support and CEO coaching
3D printing design and production
Battery design and management
Innovative LLM models
Low code AI platform for hardware/IoT
Innovation management for tech and sustainability
Carbon credits calculations
Cybersecurity solutions
Renewable energy planning
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